Our signature 45-minute workout is a highly effective blend of strength and metabolic interval training to maximize calorie burn and lean muscle mass, bringing you the best of cardio and strength intervals mixed with smaller zone-focused movements.

ABC (Arms, back and core)

Low impact and High burn. A SCULPT format focusing on all upper body and core strengthening exercises, leaving no muscles left untouched! Biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, chest, obliques, upper and lower abs.


Our circuit-style workout combines strength training and cardio intervals to maximize calorie burn and lean muscle mass. Think HIIT + Strength. Expect slightly heavier weights (5-12lbs) and a full body workout.


An athletic, low impact, high-rep workout. Combining very small movements and attention to form. This class targets the butt, legs, and abs designed to burn fat, tone, and shape your lower body and core.

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